Apartment Renovations/Commercial TI:

Apartment and building renovations can often offer updated and luxurious amenities that can reward the ownership/tenants with a beautiful space. We can organize and execute all aspects and phases of the project. We offer the ability to handle all planning, designing, and implementing of the project from start to finish. Our in-house design team can offer all finishes and materials, paint and flooring colors and styles, as well as suggestions for redesigning of layouts.

  • In-person dedicated service to facilitate the renovation process

  • Planning and designing

  • Project Management & Development

  • Client communication throughout the project

  • Partnering with trustworthy and properly licensed Electrician, Plumbing, and HVAC subcontractors

  • Provide all direction and instruction for all suppliers and vendors

  • Execution of the construction of the project

  • Overseeing all aspects of the job, while dealing with potential issues and handling them directly

  • Turnkey accountability

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Apartment Renovations / Commercial TI
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